Medical translation is an area of translation where accuracy means safety and for this reason full understanding of the subject matter/translation field, clear communication and comprehension of instructions as well as knowledge of medical devices and medical products is of paramount importance. Precise and accurate medical translations ensure a patient’s safety is not put at risk.

High Quality

To ensure high-quality and accurate medical translations, in the translation process we engage a team of in-house and freelance translators who are also qualified healthcare professionals, such as general practitioners and specialists of internal medicine, anaesthesiology, radiology, gynaecology, plastic surgery, neurology, psychiatry, clinical pharmacology and immunology, who possess up-to-date medical knowledge.

Accuracy of Medical Terminology

Translating patient information leaflets for new medicines and articles for scientific journals requires different sets of skills and expertise. The right person for translating operator manuals for CT scanners may not be the right person for translating immunology patents. With this in mind, we carefully allocate each project to the most suitable translation team, where we also engage linguists, IT specialists, medical physicists, chemists and DTP specialists, to name but a few, in the translation process.


This guarantees the accuracy of medical terminology, localization of the text for the target audience and the highest level of quality and comprehension for end user or target audience of the document.

Clients receive their material both translated, edited and proofread by our handpicked team of experts, which eliminates the need for additional, expensive medical and/or professional editing, proofreading and quality assurance services.


Client Testimonials

We offer a bespoke translation/interpreting service tailored to your specific needs and client satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our hard work, flexibility to meet specific needs, attention to detail, professionalism, expertise and reliability have gained the trust of a great many clients over the years.



"We are extremely satisfied with the translation services provided by EUROTRANSLATE. We hope that with their help we can expand our presence on the Serbian market."

Cryo Save Serbia, d.o.o. Belgrade

"EUROTRANSLATE lives up to its high standards in terms of proficiency, efficiency and professionalism with every single project and this makes EUROTRANSLATE our number-one choice for all our translation needs."


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