Proofreading and editing


This process focuses on terminology, as use of correct medical terminology is vital for a quality medical translation, tailored to the target audience which must be able to understand the content without ambiguity. Documents intended for medical professionals must be clear, error-free and the proper medical terminology must be used at all times since in this sensitive field of translation patients’ lives could be put at risk if the translation is of poor quality. On the other hand, as regards patient-facing materials, it is of utmost importance that the proper meaning is conveyed while using language and terminology which patients of any educational background will understand. Healthcare professionals are trained in this during their medical studies and this is why it is important to closely involve them in the translation process of medical documentation.



This process checks grammar, syntax, spelling errors and consistency and ensures that nothing in the original text has been omitted in the translation. Our linguists have extensive experience in medical translations and understand that some medical abbreviations may not always be the best choice in terms of grammar rules, but that they must be kept since they are in common use and every patient will understand them. This is why proofreading of medical documentation requires a slightly different set of skills from regular proofreading, which our team of linguists possesses.