Software and website localization

Website localization

In today’s era of Internet communication, website localization is essential for entering the global market. A recent survey by Common Sense Advisory found that more than half of global consumers only buy products from websites that provide information in their own language. This also applies to medical and pharmaceutical companies, but with one small yet crucial difference – the specific nature of the content. Apart from the localization of number separators, measurement systems and units and the use of synonyms in order to preserve the original design of the website, among other technical details, website localization also requires accuracy of terminology. This is true regardless of whether a website is intended for medical professionals or for the general public, or sometimes both at the same time. As you would not consult a medical doctor to translate your financial or engineering documentation, for example, you should neither rely on a translator with insufficient medical knowledge to deliver a quality translation of medical content. Whether your website is intended for medical professionals or the general public, you can be rest assured that our team will deliver a localized, medically accurate, quality and timely translation.

Medical Software localization

Software localization is the process of translating and localizing the text and tailoring the functional elements of a software application so it can be used by users in the target country. All sorts of different types of software require localization – desktop software, web applications, mobile apps and most important of all – user interfaces (UI) for medical devices. In addition to maintaining consistency of terminology throughout the software and in related content (user manuals, online help), technical knowledge and good localization skills, translating UIs for medical devices requires terminology accuracy and sufficient medical knowledge since improper use of a device can put patient and operator safety at risk. Therefore, our hand-picked software localization teams consist of IT specialists, linguists and medical doctors who work together in order to provide the highest quality translations for our clients.

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